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Joseph was a child of the 70's and 80's.  He didn't grow up with TV and computer games but with bicycles, fire, hammers and spanners.  Building 3 story sheds with wood 'liberated' from the pipe laying works and go karts from old prams gave him the ability to create fun things from scrap.

In late teenage years, music became the focus and Joseph got into the goth and then industrial music scene, singing in his band Killing For Pleasure he was an amazing frontman.

Real life came knocking and Joseph took a real job and then another and was doing rather well.  However it wasn't really him and after an epiphany at Glastonbury Festival in 2002 he gave up the job to throw himself headlong into the world of entertainment!

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Joseph turns up the heat

The Joseph Peace Fire Stunt Spectucular is a highly original show, blending amazing fire stunts with comedy and audience response in a fusion of modern circus and pantomime fun.


Professional Photograhy by Joseph Peace

Joseph is passionate about photography.  Studio photography, location shoots and event photography are his special areas.



Crikes on the move

These pedal powered creations are a wonder of engineering. Part car and part bicycle they ride around at events, stopping to perform here and there.