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The Joseph Peace Fire Stunt Spectucular is a highly original show, blending amazing fire stunts with comedy and audience response in a fusion of modern circus and pantomime fun.

The Show

As well as amazing fire stunts, the show has a lot of banter. I work a lot on involving the audience and incorporating their comments into the show as much as possible. This makes the show fresh and exiting each time I do it. There are people who have seen the show many times and keep coming back for more.

I also alter the show a bit to cater for the particular audience. If I'm playing to a family audience I keep it clean but if I'm playing to an adult audience and it's OK with the organiser of the event then the language changes accordingly, after all, a bunch of bikers dosn't really want to see a family show!

The show works well at all times of the day or night although at night a bit of illumination is needed as there are not fires going on all the time. This show is great if your event runs from daytime into the evening such as a balloon festival where you have daytime entertainment and a nightglow. This show can fill the dusk slot perfectly. Also works brilliantly as a prelude to a fireworks display.

The Stunts

Jumping through a wall of fire on a BMX bike. This is the grand finale of the show and a really big stunt. Cotton fabric is held up in a wire mesh window and soaked with paraffin and set alight. The flames can reach a height of around 6 metres and the heat can be felt 20 metres away. A very spectacular finale!


Riding a burning gyroscope. The gyroscope is wrapped in Kevlar wick which has been soaked in paraffin. All 3 rings of the gyroscope are blazing as I spin round with the flames licking at my hands and feet.


Burning Box. I get inside a small box wearing a firesuit and the box is covered in paraffin soaked fabric and set alight. While it burns I wriggle out of my firesuit and as the fire goes out, emerge wearing just hilarious frilly gold shorts, dancing to Hot Stuff by Donna Summer! The small size of the box means that people are very surprised I’ve managed to change my costume!


Flame thrower. Blasting huge balls of fire up into the sky. This is the first stunt of the show and used to get the attention of the audience, which it does very well indeed!


Burning unicycle. How far can I ride a burning unicycle? Until my ankles start to burn! Then it’s a rush to put the unicycle out with a fire extinguisher, invariably squirting it up into the air over the audience – oops!!!

To perform the show the minimum space required if the audience is all around the perimeter is an oval 20m X 30m. It is better to have a bit more space than this in case it is windy so that there is a greater distance between audience and fire. If the audience is to be along one side then the space can be reduced. I need less space outside showtimes.

1m high crowd control barrier is best but a sturdy fence from rope and posts is OK

Public Address
I have my own radio microphone and use LPDA Antenna to get the best range possible so that my banter can be as clear as possible. I also have a laptop with music on that needs to go into the PA system.

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Joseph turns up the heat

The Joseph Peace Fire Stunt Spectucular is a highly original show, blending amazing fire stunts with comedy and audience response in a fusion of modern circus and pantomime fun.


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